Cerro Gordo Township Class of 1907 booklet

Lac qui Parle County, Minnesota

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Description of Souvenir Booklet dated 1907:

Cover page:

Photo of the teacher; drawings of a globe, a flag, and a school class.

A printed poem:
"The school is out, a little draught We've drunk at Wisdom's spring, May deeper draughts by us be quaffed, And may we to her cling."

Inside message:
With Best Wishes this token is presented with The Compliments of your teacher.

Middle page:
SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 12 Cerro Gordo Township, Lac Qui Parle County, Minnesota; ELLA M. LINDBOE, Teacher

Alfred Berg, Swarre Berg, Alvin Boraas,, Dora Bothum, Judi Bothum, Isaac Bothum, Robert Dahl, Hannah Dahl, George Hastad, Melvin Johnson, Birdeen Johnson, Martin Johnson, Edward Johnson, Hans Jerde, Mabel Lund, Esther Lund, Willie Moen, Oscar Moen, Judith Quenmoen, Magna Rismoen, Ole Rismoen, Amanda Rismoen, Annie Rismoen, Herold Rismoen, Berg Rismoen, Mary Trelsted, Betram Trelsted, Alfed Undlin, Lewis Vaala, Carl Vaala, Alice Vaala, Peter Winge Edd Smogard, Clerk, Ludrig Hastad, Director, Lars Vaala, Treasurer

Additional notes:
The booklet was about 3"x5", printed on heavy ivory stock with light color on the front. I sent the original back to Minnesota to a Lindboe relative, so can't check, but don't remember that it had any mention of publisher's name. It was probably a stock item, customized for each teacher who ordered it with her picture and her class list.

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